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A Few Kind Words from Friends.


"Whenever faced with the challenge of working abroad - wherever the potential location, whatever the potential budget, a production relies on a fine balance of essential local knowledge together with an attitude and approach which supports a creative vision. Biscuit Films achieve this fine balance with professionalism, respect, impressive dedication, great humour and profound passion.

My time working with Magen & Bill on 'Indian Summers II' has been a life experience I'll never forget. Their guidance and industry knowledge has enabled the tailoring of a production set up capable of seamlessly embracing the many hurdles involved with filming in Asia.

A crew will always go the extra mile for kind and decent people! Without doubt, Magen & Bill have the ability to strengthen the success of any production, both logistically & creatively. I highly recommend & thank Biscuit Films. I very much hope we get the opportunity to work together again".

Dan Winch | Producer | Indian Summers II


When I met Bill for the first time, I especially noticed his incredible courage, his indefatigable patience combined with high professionalism in every step he takes. Bill’s passion for all the beautiful places in Southeast Asia and India is incomparable and lets us produce successful movies. We have been working with him and Biscuit Films on different locations in India, Hong Kong and Malaysia for several years now and every shooting was an essential experience we wouldn’t want to miss. Bill achieved the best results for each of our films: the German-TV movies “The Girl with the Green Emerald”, “Fragrant Harbour” and “Love and Death on Java” as well as the motion picture “Junglechild”. Without Bill and his team the films could have never been realized in the way they were. One thing is for sure: for any further project we are planning in Southeast Asia or India, Biscuit Films will be the first for us to contact.

Nico Hofmann, Producer and Chairman of the Board of UFA FICTION, Potsdam Germany


I have had the pleasure to work with Bill Donovan in Malaysia on two major shows in Malaysia. 'Blackhat' & 'Marco Polo'. 2013 & 2014.Frankly we would have struggled without Bill's guidance and advice. Bill has an extensive knowledge of the industry in general and more specifically Malaysia. From a production point of view Bill is great. His advice for matters legal; labor laws; locations and film making in Malaysia is solid and immensely valuable. I hope to work with him again soon in the near future and if you are considering Malaysia as a filming destination I strongly recommend you talk to Bill and get a balanced perspective on it all.

Tim Coddington Co-Producer./ UPM "Blackhat' & 'Marco Polo'

Bill Donovan was my first point of call during my time in Malaysia working on Michael Mann's latest film. Always available to talk, ceaselessly inventive and proactive, he and his team at Biscuit Films were essential in making my time, and indeed our production's time, not only hugely successful and productive but enjoyable. Despite daily challenges Bill provided solutions at all hours of the day, making the impossible possible every time.

I wouldn't hesitate to film in Malaysia again but my only condition would be to be aided once more by Bill and the Biscuit Films crew.

David O'Reilly, Location Scout "Blackhat"

"I had the great pleasure of working with Ivy and Biscuit three times - in the last three years. Dreamlike beaches, Indian palace with elephant and tiger, Japanese garden, East coast, West Coast, nature, indoor, studio. Very different set ups, each project challenging and ambitious. Ivy and her amazing team have taken the challenges and delivered the best service you can imagine. Besides being extremely professional and supportive,
they are the nicest and most hospitable bunch of people you can imagine. Personally, I cannot wait to work with them again.

Marc Stemmer, Producer, Twin Films, Dusseldorf, Germany

"I must say that it was wonderful to work with Biscuit Films once again. They are a great team of professionals(Magen and Ivy) that have the 'right stuff' going. The shooting experience was simply amazing and warm. I would definitely recommend shooting with this team if its anywhere in Asia. Cheers guys and keep up the great work."

Tharaq Andrews, Producer, Nivana Films, Bangalore, India

"I f you are shooting in Malaysia, Biscuit films is the one company you should work with. The greatest thing about working with them is that make you feel that you are at home. Honesty, sincerity, integrity and complete transparenc y are just a few words to describe them. It would probably take up a lot of web pages if one needed to enlist the fantastic strengths of the company and of course my dear friend and Line producer Magen. Magen is a superb human being and a great Line Producer. I can never stop speaking about him. Our experience with Biscuit films was one of our most wonderful experiences with a foreign crew in a foreign country. Keep up the god work guys."

Manoj Shroff, Equinox Films, Mumbai, India

"I have done several projects with Bill and each time I am amazed how he can take a very challenging job and make it seem so effortless. I know that when he is on the job, we are going to get a terrific crew and we'll be on budget. His people/crew seem to be so loyal to him because they have great respect for his talents and his integrity. This creates a working environment where nothing is impossible and you actually have a great time doing your job. It's rare in this business to have someone that you can completely trust, but Bill is certainly one of those producers."

Matt Vanburen, Producer, NBC, Hollywood USA

Magen is an Agencies dream Producer. His biggest strength is that he has the ability to LISTEN to you and your client's problems and very often comes up with innovative ways of making things happen, budgets work. All the films that I have done with him, the experience has been enriching and always smooth sailing. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors."

Vikram Bangera, Vice President - Film Production, O&M Mumbai

Working with BISCUIT was pretty astonishing. The interesting thing about them was that they were my introduction to shooting overseas. It was the first time I experienced shooting in India and Malaysia. They made sure everything I needed was always at the ready. That was a great experience for me. Biscuit went out of their way to make sure everything we had done was realized onscreen. Everyone at Biscuit is always working in concert to make sure I walk away with something great. I always look forward to going back.

John Bonito, Film Director, Los Angeles